Archaeology in a Time of Covid-19: Guerilla Archaeology Lockdown Updates & Activities

Just a quick Covid-19/Guerilla related update for the community during this confusing time.

With the sad new that Glastonbury has been cancelled, we are letting everyone know that our other usual festival presences (Bluedot, Shambala and Greenman) are, as of current, still going ahead! This means that, for all you festival goers, there is still a chance to catch us at the other festivals this year, although we will continuously update on this stance.

In the meantime, to get us through this historical event GA has procured several home activities for you to undertake; these are available through our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @GuerillaArchaeology).  These include:

With more activities to come, keep your eyes peeled on our social media.

Best wishes to you all & we hope you are having a safe lockdown!

The GA Team

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